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Life Insurance and Financial Planning in Timonium, MD

At Worthington Financial Partners, we are here to help you prepare for the future with confidence. When you work with a financial planner from our team, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the advice and resources you need to make wise decisions about a variety of topics, from life insurance to retirement plans.

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Financial Plans That Work for You

No matter how close you are to retirement, financial planning services can help provide extra confidence. We can help you understand risk and how it applies to your specific circumstances, as well as strategies to better prepare to mitigate that risk.

Learn more about the importance of life insurance planning when you meet with an experienced, knowledgeable financial professional. Read more about our different services below or contact our office nearest you.

Insurance & Survivorship Services 

Insurance is about risk. Risk is the exposure to the possibility of loss. Risk can be assumed, ignored or transferred to a risk bearer. We analyze your current situation and recommend appropriate products and strategies to help you plan in advance for the future well-being of your family and business. 

Retirement Plans/Asset Accumulation1

Are you retired or thinking about retirement? We can provide access to full services for qualified retirement plans, including plan design and administration, help you to determine how to best receive your retirement benefits, as well as advise you on how to allocate those assets to help protect your financial well-being. 

Asset Management Services1

If you desire a more structured investment plan, we offer Asset Management Services. This fee-based strategic asset management program follows a thorough process of reviewing your financial and emotional objectives, designing an asset allocation model, selecting seasoned money managers, and periodic tactical rebalancing of your portfolio. Our asset management strategy seeks to improve performance at a given level of risk. 

Income Protection in the Event of Disability2

We assist you in the design and implementation of appropriate personal and business disability insurance to help replace the flow of income during periods of sickness or following an accident. 

Trust and Estate Planning Strategies3

Trusts can potentially be used to avoid probate or reduce estate and income taxes. They can be used to transfer assets for the protection of your children, to avoid taxation of life insurance in your estate, or keep your assets intact while paying income to someone you designate. 

Business Continuation 

Working with your other professional advisors, we design, implement, and offer funding alternatives for business continuity and/or succession plans to protect in the event of premature death or disability. By providing business valuation services, tax-deferred funding vehicles for buy/ sell agreements, and business succession plans, we can help your business succeed both today and tomorrow. 

Owner (Executive)/Employee Benefits 

Our custom-designed, qualified and non-qualified employee benefit programs include: 

  • Executive Bonus Plans, fully tax-deductible to the employer and totally selective in participation
  • Deferred Compensation Plans, providing corporate flexibility and control
  • Salary Continuation Plans, providing security for key executives

Captive Insurance4

Both large corporations and smaller, closely held businesses can enjoy the attractive risk management and tax planning benefits of operating their own Captive Insurance Company. We help you determine if a Captive Insurance Company can benefit your organization, then we offer strategies to establish and manage the Captive.

Premium Financing4

Although you may have created substantial wealth over your lifetime, you may not have the liquidity available to purchase the desired amount of life insurance to preserve your estate. Moreover, it may not be wise to sell assets to pay the life insurance premium due to the tax liability incurred. We help connect you with a premium finance lending platform to provide customized financing through a fully collateralized credit facility. 

1. Securities and investment advisory services are offered solely by Registered Representatives and Investment Adviser Representatives of Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, 9515 Deereco Road, Suite 700, Timonium, MD 21093, (410) 527-1292 Worthington Financial Partners and all other companies are independent of Equity Services, Inc. unless otherwise noted.
2. Disability and long-term care are neither underwritten nor issued by National Life Insurance Company, and are available only through representatives who are independently contracted with insurers who provide these types of coverages.
3.  The use of trusts involves complex tax rules and regulations. Consider enlisting the counsel of an estate planning professional and your legal and tax advisors prior to implementing such sophisticated strategies. The cost and availability of life insurance will depend on factors such as age, health, and the type and amount of insurance purchased.
4. This business strategy is offered and managed by an independent third party. No National Life Group company nor anyone acting on its behalf has evaluated the strategy or the suitability of using life insurance in connection with the strategy. No National Life Group company nor anyone acting on its behalf is authorized to make any representation regarding the suitability, effectiveness or legality of the strategy. Please consult with your own advisors regarding whether this strategy is appropriate for your situation. 

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