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Business Valuation

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Business Valuations by Biz Equity – Discover the Value of Your Greatest Asset

What’s Your Business Worth...and WHY it Matters
“Understanding Your Value Now Allows You To Maximize Your Value Later”

A very small percentage of small business owners truly know what their business is worth.  Worthington Financial Partners has invested in technology to help ensure that our business owner clients have the facts needed to make sound planning decisions. Our innovative technology harnesses the power of big data to deliver accurate and efficient business valuations. The tool is easy to use and is backed by a sophisticated engine that has been trusted by millions of business owners worldwide.

Four Major Reasons Business Owners Neglect to Perform a Business Valuation

1. Too Expensive - Worthington Financial Partners, through BizEquity, is able to offer affordable valuations.

2. Time Consuming – Typical valuations take up to four weeks.  This has a much faster turnaround.

3. Complicated – A BizEquity valuation is fast, efficient and collaborative.  We can assist you!

4. Not Now – Don’t wait until the inevitable “event” occurs.

A business valuation can put you and your business ahead of the competition. Knowledge is power and knowing your business’s value allows you to ensure your plans and goals are on the right track. Incorporating a business valuation into your overall business plan is part of our process and sets Worthington Financial Partners apart from our competition.

Let us generate a business valuation to give you the facts you need to make sound financial decisions.  TC113904(0420)1